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Feeling a little lost?

Do you have no idea what you were put here to do?

Are you currently running a business but feel disconnected?

Is it a struggle for you to show up every day?

Are you feeling the resistance?

Do you say you are living your purpose, but really, you are unsure…?


Let me tell you, if you are unsure, you are definitely NOT living your purpose

There is definitely more for you

And we’re about to find it!


I’ve been there and I feel your pain.

In fact for a long time, I put it down to a lack of discipline and would often scold myself for not doing more of the work

But this wasn’t really the problem at all


The problem was I was completely unclear on my PURPOSE


The idea of living your purpose has almost become a cliched statement 


It seems everyone is talking about it 

And a lot of people are looking for it

Or confused by it

Worrying that they will keep living their lives never truly knowing what they are here to do

Continually putting up with that nagging feeling inside that just doesn’t go away

Telling you that there is definitely more...

Here’s the good news though 


You already KNOW your purpose


You were born with it

Deep inside you


It’s encoded in your DNA

You just haven’t located it yet

Or maybe your purpose is right there in front of you and you don’t even realise it?

Imagine if in 21 days you knew:

  • What you were put here to do

  • Who you are here to help

  • The message you are here to share with the world


Everything just felt like it was clicking in to place…


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It can be such an overwhelming feeling. As mums we are pulled from pillar to post and we rarely find the time and space to actually sit down and work out exactly what it is we are here to do 


(Apart from being kick ass mothers, of course!)


And that is precisely why I created this EPIC course

Instant access to 21 short recordings to help you deep dive in to your calling

You may be thinking, no Kristyn, it’s not about my purpose. I know if I do more, create more, work more and show up more I will have my success. One day it will all fit in to place when I DO more. 


Creating EPIC success is in the doing, right?


Do you want to know the secret to success?




Completely and 100% surrendering to your soul purpose and living it day in, day out

Being in complete alignment


Loving what you do so much that it’s non negotiable 


That even if you never got paid another cent again you would still show up every day and do the work 

Because for you, it becomes your most important thing (next to being a MUM!)

(Side note: you WILL absolutely make money if you are fully listening to your soul and showing up as such every day, completely unfiltered and in alignment, that’s a given…)

(Side, side note: don't go getting all Mum guilty on me. There's room for both your purpose AND being a kick ass Mum. Just set the intention to be so.....)

The point is, once you determine your purpose, you will feel like you will absolutely burst or surely wither away and die if you are not doing what you know you are born to do


This is what I know for sure...


The hard part is not doing the work. Anyone can take a business model as execute it. 

The hard part is listening to your soul. 

The hard part is being 100% you and fully aligned. 

The hard part is executing that on a daily basis. 


But this is what will bring the happiness (let alone the money!)

Because this is where you will be most energised, most magnetic, so attractive to the world and your message


People will want to follow you wherever you go 

So what do you get with 21 Days to Purpose and Passion?

1. 21 short audios including exercises and journal prompts to help you deep dive in to your purpose, passions and genius zone (lifetime access)

2. My very own recorded Visualisation Meditation to help you manifest the life you desire ​

3. A bonus recording kicking your butt in to being completely honest with yourself around your Purpose and making space for the downloads to come through

(Another side note - if you consider yourself a VIP, be sure to scroll straight to the bottom for my VIP package!!!)



Living your purpose can be scary


Because once you are doing exactly what you should be every day


Big things happen

Things shift quickly


And up levelling is sure to happen

Your whole world is bound to change 


And you will have an sense of euphoria, be completely energised, high vibe and full of gratitude from executing your soul purpose

But are you prepared to do the work to get there?

Are you prepared to dig deep and do the (continual) inner work to get to that place, and beyond?


Let me ask you this


What’s harder….? 

Deep diving in to the inner work to truly nail your purpose?

And let you soul work flow with ease


Or struggling with the uphill battle of pushing against the grain?

Not truly loving what you do?

And feeling mediocre, half-assing at life?

Having to listen to that nagging voice telling you there is more?

That annoying voice that feels like it's grinding you down every day


Because I know this much

That nagging feeling will never go away


That voice will always comeback and rear it’s ugly head


Until you face it head on

And here’s the clincher

Once you start living in to your soul purpose and honouring your soul desires and requirements

Other areas of your life start to up level

It is impossible to have one area transform and not have it permeate the rest of your life

Your health

Your wealth

Your emotional well being

Your happiness

The people you attract

The time you create

(because when you are in alignment and coming from soul purpose, there’s no need to waste time second guessing what you should be doing, it becomes VERY clear!)

Start saying YES to ALL OF IT


Stop ignoring the nagging feeling 

Your soul is DONE waiting for you to take get on board!

You are living life now - not tomorrow, not next year. This isn’t a dress rehearsal!!!









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